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About Liang Furniture - Sofa Reupholstery Services Singapore

Liang Furniture & Furnishings is 1 of Singapore’s most experienced sofa reupholstery masters. Our master craftsman has more than 25 years of experience helping both our Residential as well as Commercial customers repair and reupholster their sofa, chairs, seatings and bedroom headboard.

Our ideals are built on commitment and excellence. As 1 of the best Sofa Reupholstery Services company in Singapore, we have offered an affordable and professional option for sofa/furniture/headboard reupholstery for more than 25 years.

We have an excellent selection of leather and materials/fabrics for you to choose. Over at Liang Furniture & Furnishings, we used modern technology coupled with excellent craftsmanship to ensure quality and durability for any project.

Repairing broken furniture, removing stains/wear & tear/ scratches are what we do daily. You can be sure that when you are working with Liang Furniture & Furnishings, we will give you a personalised approach that will put you at ease and let you relish the outcome.

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Liang Furniture & Furnishings – 1 of the most sought-after sofa reupholstery services in Singapore, gets the job done on time and with unbeatable results. The furniture we work on includes Sofa Upholstery for your chairs, seatings and sofas, headboards, curtains and also varnishing for your furniture.

If you are looking for a reliable reupholstery service company in Singapore, just give us a call or contact us! We will be in touch within 1 working day!

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