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Why choose our Varnishing Service

As 1 of Singapore’s most reputable and experienced varnishing experts, we are confident that you will be satisfied with our before-sales and after-sales service. Below are 3 reasons why you should choose us for your varnishing requirements:

1) We pay attention to details
Most varnishing companies in Singapore do not pay attention to details when doing the job. Hence, there are always a lot of complaints when it comes to the damage to the baseboards, door casing or even the cabinetry main frame.

When we do your job, we give a lot of tender loving care in sanding the corners and in around the door casings, cabinetry etc. We believe that whether a varnishing service is done well is dependent on all these small details. We also provide professional Sofa Upholstery Services.

2) Dust Controlled Sanding
We have invested greatly in procuring the latest and most advanced dust-controlled sanding machine. This allows 99% of the dust to be collected and properly disposed of, leaving your home settings virtually dust free!

3) Guaranteed Service
We give a 100% customer satisfaction service! If you feel that there are areas that we did not do well, just let us know and we will do the touching-up for you! No questions asked! (Of course, we ask that you be reasonable with your demands. We will also sound out the issues with the used furniture before we start the job). Feel free to give us a call at 84356867to arrange for an on-site inspection and Sofa Upholstery Singapore.




Guaranteed Satisfaction